The origin story

The Fab crew superheroes are regular people who can do amazing things!

A picture of the Fab Crew founders
The Fab Crew Technical Services LLC founders family

An introduction to us

Welcome to The Fab Crew, I’m Sarah and myself and my husband Fabrizio AKA ‘Fab’ have started this business with a clear mission in mind – to provide superhero services for your home! However like every good super hero narrative I thought it would be interesting to share the orign story and how we reached this point in our journey!

Firstly an introduction to us. I am from Tunbridge Wells in Kent (South East of the UK) and my parents were career expats for many years living between Germany, Cyprus and various parts of the UK. Home was always where our furniture and family photos were rather than one house or town. I went to boarding school from a young age until and would fly home for the holidays. When I was around 14 when we moved to Kent and it became home. After uni I lived in Barcelona in Spain for a few years, spent a few months living in Bratislava, Slovakia and them moved to Dubai, with a whirlwind year in Bangalore, India (15 years later) Dubai is still our home.

Fabrizio is from Genova in the beautiful Liguran part of Italy. He has a wonderfully big family with his father from Genova and his mother from Siciliy. He lived in Dublin, Ireland for many years before moving to Dubai 16 years ago. He has a magnetic personality, a great sense of fun and is my best friend. It is true that opposite attract but compliment one and other – that is true of myself and Fab. I am the big picture planner, strategist and creative and he has an eye for detail, brilliant with numbers and a talent for connecting with people and making things happen.

We met on 09.09.2009 (the same day the metro opened…lol) and live in Green Community East with our two dogs! Together we bring experience from the corporate worlds of MICE events, digital marketing, consultancy, online commerce, retail management, luxury products and operations management. We also ran a start up retail business together so understand the highs and lows of being an entrepeneur all too well! We also have a Masters in Digital Marketing a Bachelor of Science in Business Studies, a Postgraduate in Digital Marketing and two diplomas for Technical Accounting and Shipping.

The origin story

Secondly, the origin story. It does not start with a spider bite or a meteor landing next to our villa but on a sunny and dusty day in Dubai and us trying to juggle work and time together with family and friends.

It’s true to say that some of the problems that we have as expats here do not really count as major issues however they do become a point of pain over time. We all work hard and make sacrifices for what we have over here, to those back home (wherever that may be) they see the glitz and the media reports (positive and negative) and make their own judgements about that.

Taking care of our homes is important to get right as the time we have to share together with those in our lives is precious. Like most people we were lucky enough to be able to book a weekly cleaning service in the hope that it would give us more time to do other things. This was not as easy as hoped.

I found myself getting super frustrated not only with the lack of customer service and being let down on many occasions due to planning issues and a lack of customer focus from the management, but that I felt that the people coming into my home were not doing the best job. When I got chatting to them I found out that they were often working in some difficult conditions with their personal lives impacting their work, or that they were over tired due to long hours and tricky employment conditions.

I often read posts from others in community groups via networks of mums and from my friends that finding and keeping the right support at home is not an easy task. We decided that we would try to do better by focusing on a few simple but important things as our foundation.

To promise to focus on quality

  • Quality of cleaning service delivered by well trained team members.
  • Helpful and responsive customer service provided by people who understand your needs and the pressures of running an expat home.
  • To turn up on time and to communicate with you about any unexpected changes

To work towards having and retaining happy customers

  • To consistently build up a relationship of trust – when we deliver good quality services that meet your needs
  • By providing an efficient technology based platform for you to make requests and have visibility on the service we deliver (via the client portal)
  • To listen to any issues and to work hard to overcome them – taking into account the needs of your home
  • To build our portfolio of products and services so that you can have us on speed dial when you need us ahead of a family visit party, house move or just when the house needs a super cleaning blitz!

To have a happy team of supported colleagues delivering your service

  • To ensure that staff have all of the normal labour benefits including up to date visas, health insurance and travel allowances
  • To provide a competitive above market average salary
  • To pay monthly bonuses based on attendance and customer satisfaction ratings (please do take the time to click on our review links after our visit)
  • To train and support them with masterclasses and team building days
  • To listen to any worries or concerns and to work together to ensure each person can go to work happy and ready for action

We are currently working hard in our pre-launch phase with our soft opening coming next week. We are regular people doing extraordinary things – Fab Crew Superheroes are looking forward to meet you soon.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us!