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Service description

The air that we breath at home or in the workplace directly impacts the well-being of us all. Did you know that in the UAE we spend 80% – 95% of our time indoors*. Pollutants enter our indoor spaces via daily activity and those using the space and are trapped inside our AC systems. This means that often the concentration of contaminants is higher indoors than outdoors. 

This poor air quality can have an impact on the quality of our sleep, give us headaches and cold and flu like symptoms and allergic reactions (dust, pets pollen and mold are the the main offenders!). All members of the family are impacted however children, allergy sufferers or those with lower immune systems may feel it more. 

Black mold is also present in some systems (we have seen it many times!) this has been proven to contribute to respiratory illness and asthma in young people. 

The good news is that with the correct deep cleaning and regular maintenance of your AC this issue can be resolved and controlled.  A healthy home is a happy home and our service provides the quality so that you can relax and enjoy your space with peace of mind. 

*According to a report from The Centre of Excellence for Indoor Agriculture – Investigation of  Indoor Air Quality inside houses in the UAE. 

Service details - Air conditioning deep cleaning and disinfection (Every 18 - 24 months)

  • Protecting and covering furniture and soft furnishings
  • Removal and deep cleaning of blowers and drainage tray
  • Deep cleaning of the evaporator coil
  • Flushing of the drainage pipe
  • Filter cleaning
  • Cleaning and vacuuming the ceiling under the AC unit
  • Removal and cleaning the supply return air grills
  • Deep cleaning of the ducts and liners using a Danduct rotating brush machine (made in Denmark)
  • Vacuuming the ducts
  • Restoration of the system
  • Chemical free disinfection using a fogging machine of your indoor air

Service details - General maintenance of the AC system (Every 3 - 6 months)

  • Filter cleaning
  • external wiping of the grills
  • Flushing of the drainage pipe
  • Flushing of the drainage tray
  • Checking of the electrical components
  • Checking of the condition of the blower motor
  • Checking the condition of the chilled water pipes insulation
  • Checking the temperatures 
  • Chemical free disinfection using a fogging machine of your indoor air

How is your AC deep cleaning the 'Ferrari'? What is so special?

Our team are qualified and experienced professionals. They will visit to complete a site inspection and to create a visit report with images and a quote. If you have questions about your system performance or any issues they will also explain how your system functions, where issues may arise from and a process of trouble shooting. Due to their technical expertise they will also identify any areas to ‘monitor’ or watch that may result in future issues (leaks etc). 
They are experts in system deep cleaning however they are also qualified trades men capable of repairing leaks, AC units, duct lining, insulation, plumping, electrical or mechanical issues. We also rennovate and replace parts of entire systems including load calcuation, system design and techical aspects of AC system management. 
Due to the teams knowledge when they complete a deep clean they remove and clean every part of the system (based on access). Not all AC cleaning services are confident and capable of this (as they are cleaners not technicans) so they clean around this limitation and just clean the area they can see or access without any technical knowledge. 

We have used the ‘Ferrari’ comparison to highlight that like cars not all AC services are comparable! Due to the configuration, capability, impact and experience that they provide. If you are driving a Toyota Corolla you get from A-B but it is nothing like driving a Ferrari. Our team are 100% customer focused and take careful care of your home to ensure a high quality result and optimal air quality. 

How often should I book an AC deep clean?

A full system air conditioning deep clean and disinfection (description above) if reccomended every 18 – 24 months. The time frame varies based on the location of your home, frequency of system use, environment and its occupancy.  Most air conditioning system problems are caused by build up of dirt on the  components. The coil, filter and fins need regular deep cleaning to keep them in a good working condition.  Not taking care of your system with a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule will result in reduced cooling performance and increased energy consumption. 

If you have recently completed a rennovation with a lot of additional dust, have pets or like to leave your balcony doors open you may like to consider an increased frequency for a deep clean. 

What is included in your deep clean & sanitisation service?

This visit is to remove built up dirt, grime and any mold from your air conditioning system. It cleans every aspect of your system (see description above). The team first protect your home carefully using plastic and cardboard and remove each element to clean it prior to replacing them in the system, testing and clearing up after themselves.  Finally they sanitise the indoor air to ensure that the quality of the air coming back into your system is top notch! As the air circulates this is an important final step. 

What is included in the regular (3- 6 months) service visit?

This visit is to keep your system in good condition between deep cleans.  Cleaning the filters, grills, drainage pipe and trays along with checking the system for performance are included in this visit. It is significantly less expensive for this type of service and it is a shorter visit from the team. Combined with the deep clean it will keep your AC working well and ensure you quallity indoor air. 

Do you have an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)?

We offer an AMC service that will take care of your property. It is flexible but may include AC, electrical, plumbing and cleaning. An inspection visit and system audit is required prior to providing a quote for continued care of your technical systems. Regular inspection, care and preventative measures taken will prolong the life your properties systems and should help to avoid stressful situations with leaks and other issues. 

What will it be like on the day of my service? How long will it take?

You will have recieved a booking confirmation email for your service appointment. The team will arrive ready for action at the agreed time. We request that you make arrangements not to be at home during the service as it is disruptive. All of the spaces will be covered in plastic sheeting and cardboard prior to the service taking place.  Multiple technicians will be working on your units at the same time. 

The time required to complete a service will depend on the number of units to be cleaned. Please enquire at the time of confirming your quote and our customer support team will confirm the predicted duration. A standard service will take between 6 – 8 hours. 

Why can I find cheaper services? What am I paying for?

There are a wide range of services available in the market. If you would like a superficial clean by a maintenance service that is possible for a very low price. 

Our aim is to provide great value for money to our customers by providing a high quality service that improves your indoor environment, cares for your property and resolves any issues you may have been facing. 

We are often called in to solve air conditioning problems that multiple other providers have not yet fixed.  It would be our pleasure to compete a free inspection to assist you too. 

Why do you need to complete an inspection before you quote? Is your inspection really FREE?

We have a quality approach and want to ensure customer satisfaction, it may seem to be quicker and easier to just send you a templated quote. We don’t do that as we want to ensure that the quote you get from us is realistic and reasonable. In addition to quoting based on the number of AC units you have at the visit we also assess the access available and system condition. Some homes have not got the required ceiling access for a deep clean, they just have it for general maintenance. The team will include this in the service report. 

While the team are completing the inspection they will inspect each unit, take pictures of the current condition and highlight any special requirements. If they can see any insulation issues, damaged drainage trays or other potential issues they will also identify them (what may be seen prior to the clean) this will be included in the report. 

Delivering customer satisfaction is based on our team meeting your expectations and providing you with the best options to meet your needs. There are often short, medium and long term soltuions to a range of problems. Based on your needs the team can tailor the service or cleaning quote to meet your individual needs and answer your questions. 

I have a leak can you fix it? Is is possible that when my AC is deep cleaned it will then leak afterwards?

Yes, we can repair leaks! Yes, it is possible that when you complete a deep clean of the system dirt that was hiding issues may be removed causing a leak.  The team will be on call to support you if you face any issues after the deep clean. We will return with no call out fees – your satisfaction is our priorty. 

There is a bad smell coming from my AC can you help?

Yes, the team will complete and inspection and identify the source of the odor and suggest an approach to resolve it. In each of our technical teams there is also a qualified plumber so we can consider how drain or outlet odors may cross-contaminate your air systems. 

I have a cooling issue can you fix it? Can you install smart thermostats?

Our technical team include mechanical engineers, AC technicians and specialists that can diagnose cooling issues and propose a solution. In addition they are able to calculate the cooling loads per sqm and to consider other aspects that impact room temperature (windows, facade or other heat sources) for each space. 

If you would like to install a smart thermostat they are able to assist (Honeywell, Nest etc).  Please get in touch with a request. 

I have an issue with the district cooling provider - how can you help?

The team can assist you with understanding the issues you may have. We are on hand to work with you to identify the source of potential issues and to work within the scope of work that may be handled by a technical contractor for you system. 

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