BBQ grill clean

Enjoy the flavour of chargrilled food without the clean up! We will give your grill a professional deep clean.

Service description

No matter the type of grill charcoal, gas, ceramic or stone our team will come in to help you with the clean up. We will remove all burnt on grease, food and marks to leave your grill in great condition ready for you to cook and enjoy again.

Service details - specifications

  • Removal of any ash or loose matters of debris from the unit to clean out the grill base.
  • Grill trays and metal elements to be removed and soaked in a bucket with warm water and soap. Removal of dirt after soaking.
  • Use of cleaning agents such as bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to gently and safely remove marks, scorch marks and dirt from the inside of the grill.
  • To ensure all airways are clean and any vents are cleaned properly.
  • To wipe down and polish the outside of the unit using gentle detergent and stainless steel polish (depending on the design of your grill).
  • Cleaning of any trays or trolley elements.

Below is a before and after from a recent BBQ grill clean. Results will of course differ depending on the years of use, material and scorch marks. Fill out the book now form and we will ensure your grill is squeaky clean and ready for the next use 🙂

BBQ grill clean rates

*only permitted for studio/one bed apartments

You can book packages for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months that include additional free services, discounts and benefits (up to 25% off!). Become a regular customer and benefit from our packages now.

What types of grills do you clean?

  • Charcoal grill
  • Charcoal kettle grill
  • Gas and propane grills
  • Ceramic/ Kamado grill
  • Pellet grills
  • Stone in built grill
  • We can also clean fire pits upon request!

How long does it take to clean a grill?

We generally allocate at least two hours to properly clean a grill, it can be faster or slower depending on the condition of your unit.

Fill out the book now request form to book your grill clean! Go on treat yourself and spend your time doing something you love 🙂

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