Oven & extractor clean

One of the tough cleaning jobs in your home!
We love the jobs you hate so call in the professionals. 

Service description

If you love to cook and eat at home then it’s important to keep your oven clean. Did you know that it actually improves the taste of your food when cooked in a clean oven? It also reduces your energy bills as it heats more efficiently when clean. 

The team will deep clean your oven interior, shelves and racks and remove the door glass to clean inside this difficult to access area. The service leaves your oven clean and ready to enjoy. 

The extractor fan filters will be removed and the exterior polished (if metal). We will not take apart the extractor fan as that would interfere with the warranty. We also dont clean the duct system in this service. 

We understand that each of our clients are different and the service options below allow you to select the service that best meets your needs, budget and expectations.

Service details - specifications

This service will provide a deep clean of the inside and outsie of your oven and the extractor hood. It includes the following:

  • Removing and soaking trays and grills.
  • Cleaning the oven interior with specialist chemicals.
  • Cleaning the oven door glass.
  • Polishing the exterior of oven.
  • Cleaning the extractor fan grills and polishing the exterior.

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One off annual full system cleaning, regular maintenance cleans, and system servicing and repairs. We also have an emergency call out service if your system breaks down and needs a technician urgently.

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