Holiday and rental property services

Keeping your property in top condition for your guest to enjoy

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Investing in a holiday rental apartment may be a productive addition to your portfolio of assets. To ensure it is a productive and successful venture  you not only need to select a great location, interior and other facilities it also needs to be maintained and kept in great condition. 

Short term rental guests pay a premium rate to stay, however due to the multiple change overs and guests it can be stressful on your properties interior. 

We do not complete change over cleaning and laundry for holiday rentals (that is better to be managed by a specialised agency or property management company – in our opinion 🙂 Our team are here to support you with professional deep cleaning, air conditioning deep cleaning, property maintenance and handy man services as required. 

We can also provide you with an Annual Maintenance Contract that includes a number of deep cleans, air conditioning maintenance (between deep cleans), electrical and plumbing care to give you peace of mind. 

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