Window Cleaning

Inside and outside your windows will gleam!
Ionised water fed pole cleaning and a professional job.

Service description

The quality of light in your space impacts your mood, ability to concerntrate and to enjoy the view from your windows. This part of the world is dusty and over time your windows become dirty. Depending on the location of your home it may be more or less exposed to wind and dust.  It is reccomended clean your windows at least every three months to keep your home looking clean and to ensure the quality of life inside your space is not impacted. 

Our team use an ionic window cleaning machine with ionised water that provides a no wipe and streak free finish every time. The crew stand on the floor and use a water fed pole that reaches up to 25m in height to clean even the most hard to reach windows and sky lights. 

This service may be booked for exterior, interior or both windows to be cleaned on its own or alongside our outdoor cleaning and power washing service to ensure a dust free and pleasant space to enjoy.

We understand that each of our clients are different and the service options below allow you to select the service that best meets your needs, budget and expectations.

Service details - specifications

This service will provide exterior/ interior window cleaning. It includes the following:

  • Washing your windows using the ionic reach and wash system.
  • Cleaning your window sills and runners (if you book interior and exterior).
  • A second colleague to monitor any water leakage from your window seals inside.
  • Wiping window frames to ensure a clean and tidy finish.

What are the benefits of ionic window cleaning?

Ionic window cleaning ensures no residue or marks remain on your windows it also helps to keep them dust free for longer.

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