General cleaning

Home cleaning service specification, pricing and description.

Service description

This service is for the general cleaning that you complete on a regular basis to maintain the condition of your home, office or store. The service includes surfaces, floors, bathrooms, the outside of cabinets and appliances in all areas inside your space.

It may be booked as many times as you need in a week (minimum of three hours per booking per cleaning professional) depending on the size of your space and your needs. Service may be booked as a one-off booking or regular service package (Link to service package page pls) (weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually).

For regular services it is possible to book the same cleaner for your service each week. Your job will be allocated into the crew members schedule on a re-occurring basis based on your package. At the end of your package, you will be asked if you would like to renew to retain your booking time and crew member.

Packages are to be paid upon confirmation at the time of booking to complete your reservation.

Service details - specifications

  • Kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, study and living area, landing and entrance areas, small internal balcony, display areas, office.
  • Dusting, wiping, and cleaning all tops and surfaces.
  • Sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping all floors.
  • Washing dishes, and cleaning all surfaces in the kitchen.
  • Outside of appliances (fridge, oven, hob, microwave).
  • Cleaning all floors and fixtures in all bathrooms.
  • Internal windows for high traffic areas such as balcony doors.
  • Cleaning materials and equipment can be provided at an additional charge of 15AED per hour.
  • Changing bed sheets and towels/replacing consumables.
  • Washing and ironing may be included (time permitting)

General cleaning rates

General cleaning & ironing pricing

Our general cleaning & ironing service has different rates based on when you book your service. We include general cleaning and ironing in our bookings without any hidden add on charges. 

Morning appointments are from 08:00 – 14:00.  Afternoon appointments are from 14:00 – 20:00. Our cleaning professionals work a maxium of eight hours per day in clients bookings. 

AM Appointments (08:00 – 14:00)

Monday & Friday Morning: AED50 per hour per cleaning professional

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday Morning: AED48 per hour per cleaning professional

PM Appointments (14:00 – 20:00) 

Monday – Friday: AED45

Saturday & Sunday: AED45

Pricing is before 5% VAT. 

This is per cleaning professional per hour, without cleaning materials. We have a minimum booking of three hours per visit for a regular reoccuring booking to be made. It may be possible to book a two- hour visit for AED120 (2 hours)per cleaning professional if we can combine your booking with another in your service area. 

If you would like to include cleaning materials it is AED15 per hour in addition. For most of our clients we use their materials at the visit.

*Updated rates as per 1st May 2024

Monthly standard rates (One month regular general cleaning and ironing) – Morning appointments Monday & Friday AED50 per hour

3 hour visit *
4 hour visit *
5 hour visit *
6 hour visit *
7 hour visit *
4 cleans a month (once a week)
12 hours AED 600
16 hours AED 800
20 hours AED 1,000
24 hours AED 1,200
28 hours AED 1,400
8 cleans a month (twice a week)
24 hours AED 1,200
32 hours AED 1,600
40 hours AED 2,000
48 hours AED 2,400
56 hours AED 2,800

Monthly standard rates (One month regular general cleaning and ironing) – Morning appointments Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, Afternoon appointments  & weekends AED45 per hour

3 hour visit *
4 hour visit *
5 hour visit *
6 hour visit *
7 hour visit *
4 cleans a month (once a week)
12 hours AED 540
16 hours AED 720
20 hours AED 900
24 hours AED 1,080
28 hours AED 1,260
8 cleans a month (twice a week)
24 hours AED 1,080
32 hours AED 1,440
40 hours AED 1,800
48 hours AED 2,160
56 hours AED 2,520
12 cleans a month (three times a week)
36 hours AED 1,620
48 hours AED 2,160
60 hours AED 2,700
72 hours AED 3,240
84 hours AED 3,780

*This is based on a 4-week month, actual invoices will be created based on the number of visits you have had that month. 

*These prices do not include 5% VAT.

*This is based on one cleaner; it is possible to book more than one cleaner at a visit. Rates are per cleaner per hour.

*This rate is without cleaning materials; they may be added for AED15 per cleaner per hour.

*Annual contracts for B2B customers are available.

* We do not accept Bi- Weekly general cleaning bookings, you may book this service as a one off based on availability.

* You may make a two hour booking based on availability at the end of the day or availability for AED120 (for one cleaner for two hours)


You can book service packages with additional benefits. We do not discount our General cleaning rate of AED45 per hour. 

How many hours and cleaners do I need to book

Questions to ask yourself when booking:

  • How many rooms do I need to be cleaned?
  • How many bathrooms?
  • Do I need all the spaces to be cleaned at each visit?
  • How much cleaning is needed of those spaces?
  • Do I have restrictions around my schedule that limit the time available for cleaning?
  • Do I have ironing/ how many items on average?


It is possible to provide a schedule and notes for the cleaning professional to follow, and for you to share requests prior to your cleaning appointment that we will pass on to the team. You can also make additional requests for help if outdoor spaces need cleaning or occasional deep cleans are required in addition to your general cleaning appointment.

If you are not sure then our customer support team can provide you with guidance based on similar jobs in your area and house type. Each home has different needs and we can customize the service based on what you need.

The first visit with a new cleaning professional will generally take longer than a follow up service, this is as they will be carefully cleaning in detail and getting to know your home and its preferences. Once you get into a regular routine often these hours levels out to an optimum time.

Is there any price variation based on where I live?

Yes, we do have some zone charges for communities that require extra travel time to reach them. When you complete your booking our customer support team will mention this and include it in your quote.

We provide services in the Emirate of Dubai only.

Do you have the gate pass to my community?

We have gate pass access for most communities, sometimes the requirements may vary and an NOC letter or email may be required to allow us access. For cleaning services, we generally don’t need assistance with access. For technical services or maintenance, the rules can vary. Your customer care team member will advise you on this if required.

Can we bring cleaning materials with us?

Yes, we can bring our own cleaning machines and supplies, The charge is AED 15 per hour per cleaner. Please include this when you book so that we can include it in your quote. If you would like us to just bring a vacuum cleaner that is AED 10 per booking to add it to your appointment.

Can I trial a cleaner before they become our regular? How does that work?

The first visit of a regular booking will be invoiced as an individual visit so that you can ensure you are happy with the cleaner allocated for you. When you make a regular booking, we block the diary of the cleaning professional allocated for you so that they may attend each booking moving forward.

If you are not happy with the service provided please notify our team and we will provide additional support or training or to look for an alternative and provide their availability for you to review.

What if things do not work out how can I cancel?

If you have service-related feedback, we request that you provide it to us, we take it seriously and will work hard to address any concerns you raise. Each customer has different expectations for the service they expect, our team are well trained however mistakes can happen.

A little patience and understanding are appreciated for new service bookings. We understand that previous experiences with other services can colour customers response towards what happens at bookings. Our kind request is that you give our team a chance to listen to any feedback you provide and to take it on board and to act. A little patience at the start will ensure you develop a great relationship with our service professionals and to ensure you have the service that you deserve and expect.

If you are not happy with the service provided you can cancel your bookings. We request you give us two weeks’ notice (if you can!) for regular bookings so that we may release and re-book the hours for your cleaning professional.

We are flexible and want to ensure that you are happy with the service provided, if you have already paid for hours that you do not wish to use, we will refund you for bookings not completed.

What payment terms do you offer?

For regular monthly services we offer the following payment options.
– Weekly payment (final day of the week)
– Start of the month
– Final day of the month

Your monthly invoice will be created based on your regular booked hours for the month and calculated based on the number of hours and visits.

When setting up your regular booking, you will be provided with a link to upload your credit or debit card details. Your invoice will be shared two days prior to the payment date to allow time for you to provide any feedback or queries related to that invoice. On the invoice date the payment will be automatically processed from your card.

If for any reason you do not have time to respond to the invoice shared prior to the payment date any adjustment will be made to the next invoice. Or in the case of service cancellation a refund may be processed.

*B2B contracts and payment terms are also available upon request.

What happens when I travel or go on holiday?

When you travel or need to cancel your service, please provide us with as much notice as possible. We commit the time of your cleaning professional to your diary so if they are released, please do us the courtesy of letting us know so that we may re-book their hours for other customers while you are away.

For holidays more than 4 weeks in duration management approval to hold your regular booking times may be required.

Can I provide my cleaning professional with a tip?

If you wish to provide your cleaner with a tip then you may do this in cash or by requesting a link to make a credit card tip that will be added to their monthly salary. Cash tips are usually preferred as they are immediate.

What is your cancellation policy?

  • Cancellation 48 hours before the start of the service 0 charge.
  • Cancellation within 24 hours prior to the booking a charge of 50% of the booking value.
  • Cancellation on the same day of the booking a charge of 100% of the booking value.


*Once a service is cancelled, please make it clear if you are cancelling all future bookings or just the single visit. Regular clients have their service agents booked in advance to ensure they have continuity of crew members.

If you no longer wish to continue with the services, please let us know so that we can release your regular timing for another customer.

Can I change my booking times?

Changes in timing or moving dates of a service:

  • 48 hours before the start of the service move or change to the booking may be done without any penalty.
  • 24 hours before the start of the service there will be a charge of 20% of the booking value.
  • Same day of the booking (within 4 hours) there will be a charge of 50% of the booking value.
  • At the time of the booking once our agents are already deployed to your job 100% of the booking value.


*When change requests are made, we may not be able to provide you with your regular crew member however we will do our best to accommodate that for you.

It may be with a replacement crew member for that service.

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