Garage cleaning 

Your garage is a reflection of your hobbies, home and a place to keep seasonal items until they are needed again.  Ensure your space is dust free, organised and safe to protect the items you store there.

Service description

A garage deep clean may be taliored to your needs. A typical service will include removing and dusting all of the items, cleaning shelving, lights and storage areas including underneath, behind and on top of all areas. Sweeping and power washing the floor to remove all dirt and debris.

If you use your garage space as a gym, motor workshop, laundry or hobby room we can also steam clean and use the right chemicals to remove grease or to sanitise the space based on your requirements.

If you need our organisation service we can also visit for a brief and then quote for boxes, hooks and other storage solutions to better cater for the items you wish to store.

We understand that each of our clients are different and the service options below allow you to select the service that best meets your needs, budget and expectations.

Service details - specifications

  • Dusting, wiping and cleaning all surfaces to remove dust.
  • Removing items from shelves and boxes to dust and replace them.
  • Cleaning the floor and power washing clean.
  • Putting all items back in an organised way.
  • Cleaning all floors and fixtures in all bathrooms.
  • Cleaning internal windows and sky lights.
  • Dusting light fittings and fixtures.

Related services

One off annual full system cleaning, regular maintenance cleans, and system servicing and repairs. We also have an emergency call out service if your system breaks down and needs a technician urgently.

Free inspection visit

We live in hot sun and dusty conditions – this clean polishes tiles, power washes and brings outdoor furniture back to life.

Starts at AED70/hour

This service is for the general cleaning that you complete on a regular basis to maintain the condition of your home.

Starts at AED65/hour