The Fab Crew Promise – our approach to ensure customer satisfaction

The approach in place to meet customer expectations and service satisfaction

We have had the pleasure of working with many of our regular and one-off customers since we launched and this post shares the approach we have developed to get as close as possible to customer satisfaction with our service (from A-Z from booking to service delivery and accounting).

Sometimes we achieve 100% and get a great recommendation on social media, other times we still have some work to do to get there. This post provides our musings on this process and our commitment to you our customers on how to meet your needs better each time.


What is customer satisfaction?

person’s feeling of pleasure or disappointment, which resulted from comparing a product’s perceived performance or outcome against his/her expectations

Philip Kotler, 2000

Factors that impact customer satisfaction:

Factors that affect customer satisfaction model based on the work of Hokanson 1995

In order to deliver customer satisfaction customers needs and expectations must be met. They are shaped by individual personality and culture.

What are customer expectations?

Expectations are shaped based on previous experiences and perceptions about the nature of the service.

Expectations are beliefs (likelihood or probability) that a product and/or service (containing certain attributes, features or characteristics) will produce certain outcomes (benefits or values) given certain anticipated levels of performance based on previous affective, cognitive, and behavioural experiences. Expectations are often related to satisfaction and can be measured as follows:

  1. Importance: Value of the product/service fulfilling the expectation.
  2. Overall Affect-Satisfaction Expectations: Like/dislike of the product/service.
  3. Fulfilment of Expectation: The expected level of performance versus the desired expectations.
  4. Expected Value from Use: Satisfaction is often determined by the frequency of use. If a product/service is not used as often as expected, the result may not be as satisfying as anticipated.

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The Fab Crew aim for customer feedback

We aim to have satisfied customers that fee that there is a good relationship between us. That you have had a great service from A-Z from us. That you wish to be a regular customer and you would consider us a part of your support network.

Ideally we would hope that both rationally and emotionally you feel that working with us is of benefit to you. If you are happy with your service the ultimate recognition is to provide us with a five star review.

The Fab Crew customer promise to you:

  • You come first and foremost in our thoughts and actions and we will work hard to build a long-term relationship with you built on trust and mutual respect.
  • We will work hard to deliver you a service that meets your needs and expectations and will support our crews with training and the best possible working conditions to enable that.
  • Our team will listen to your feedback and take action as required.
  • We will be available to you via our communication channels and will take action if not immediately as soon as possible to resolve any issues.
  • Feedback and good and bad is welcome and will be taken in a spirit of mutual cooperation and with the desire to improve further. We will take all feedback seriously.
  • We will continue to improve and grow as a business to implement things that will improve your service quality and ease of interaction with us.

What is our approach to ensuring that it happens?

Customer expectations:

  • We share detailed descriptions of our services on the website to provide as much information as possible about the service you are booking to try to improve clarity on the service you are expecting and what it includes or excludes.
  • We ask our customers to fill out the book now form on our website before booking. This allows us to collect all of the information about your space to assess the size, we also ask you about any areas of focus, any special instructions and when and how often you would like your service.
  • This then goes to our customer service and bookings team. We read it all through and contact you via whats app to reconfirm that we have understood what you need correctly, to ask any additional questions and to respond to questions you may have.
  • If you have questions about what the service includes, we may share links to the website or give you a call to discuss it in more detail as needed.
  • Our team will also share their feedback on the number of hours and crew you have requested for that job to try to find the optimum environment for a successful service delivery. If our team are rushed it can impact on service quality, however we work hard to move as quickly and effectively as possible so as to deliver you good value for money.
  • We then create a quote based on your service requirements and send it to you via email for your review.
  • At this point we check in with our operations team to explore availability and crew for your job, you will be provided with the options we have for your feedback.
  • You have the opportunity to make any change requests on the quote or you can let us know via whats app or a call. Whatever is most convenient for you.
  • You then confirm you are happy to go ahead with the work.
  • Then the job is booked into our operations system with the crew allocated to the job and confirmed.
  • You will be sent an automatic reminder for your service the day before by our booking system.

Customer satisfaction:

  • We have a service standard check list that all our crew are trained to follow – with the objective of ensuring service standards and quality.
  • Our team are given master class training for different tasks to bring them all up to the same quality standards.
  • Shadowing of crew with those who are strong in one specialism or get consistently great customer feedback.
  • Our crew and customer service team members listen to your feedback and requests and take action to move towards meeting your expectations.
  • Our customer service team complete random spot checks on cleans to check on our service quality and to gain direct feedback from our customers. We also often schedule quality control visits if there has been a service issue identified. This is also a useful tool to help us monitor standards and quality.
  • We often check in with you on how your service was after your clean. In addition, we are always available for any notes or comments via whats app or a call.
  • At the end of each month, we reward our crew members with additional performance-based bonus payments and certificates of achievement. The most coveted of these are our 0 complaints bonus, the fully booked bonus and the recommendation bonus. This keeps our crews focused on you our customers and recognises that through delivery of quality services they not only can be satisfied that they have done a great job but that we recognize them for this effort financially.

Are the Fab Crew always perfect every time?

We aim to be perfect every time, and often we are! However, if that is a yes or no answer then the answer has to be NO!

Our team are well trained capable professionals who are given the support they need to do a great job. Having said that each crew member has strengths and weaknesses and additional training and support are sometimes needed to improve their overall performance. If a service issue is identified they are put back into the training module for that task and repeat that practical test.

Sometimes the needs of a job are not well aligned with the crew member allocated (despite our best efforts to put the right person for the right job in our schedule). This may require a crew change to allocated a @fabcrewsuperhero better suited to the needs of your service.

What we will do every time is to listen to your feedback, to take it seriously and if provided during the job to act immediately to remedy any snag during the job if we can or to take the required action to correct any oversight, issue or challenge without delay.

Our attitude towards you as our customer should be perfect every time, and we hope it is. We care about delivering you the service that you deserve and expect.

What can be done if I am not happy with my service?  

Will I be listened to?

Firstly, please tell us if you are not happy with a service. We will take it seriously and take action to put it right. Big or small we would appreciate you taking the time to communicate it to us. Like any relationship a successful client and service provider relationship is build on a foundation of two-way communication. We love doing the jobs you hate and are passionate about delivering super hero services for your home, however telepathy/mind reading is not yet one of our super powers ????  (now that would be a great skill to have in this business.. lol).

Secondly, we will come back to put it right to the best of our ability. Depending on the nature and seriousness of your issues we will depending on the situation also generally offer you something extra to apologise for the inconvenience caused. 

If you are finding communication with our crew or customer service team frustrating for any reason (it can happen despite our best intentions) please feel free to email me directly [email protected] and I will look into it personally.

How can you contact us to raise an issue?

What channels are available and who responds to them?

Booking Line: +971 58 545 0989 (whats app and calls from 08:00 – 18:00 every day)  

Customer Support Line: +971 58 554 0988 (whats app and calls from 08:00 – 18:00 every day)

Via social media messenger on our Facebook or Instagram pages.  (08:00 – 18:00 every day)

  • We have Fab Crew team members dedicated to these channels during our opening hours. In the case that you message outside working hours or in case of an urgent communication please do call and we do our best to monitor it outside working hours.
  • Response may not always be instant, however we take pride in our speedy response and great service.

For any customer communications via email: [email protected]

For queries about payment links or invoicing: Please email customer support and copy in [email protected]

For general enquiries, partnership requests or job applications: [email protected]

Why is The Fab Crew different to other companies?

That will of course depend on who you worked with before and what your experience was like! Very hard to provide a one size fits all response to this.

We are a British and Italian owned and managed business and have lived and worked in the UAE for a combined 30 years. This gives us a first-hand understanding of the demands of running an expat home and juggling life here. We have also used numerous service companies and were frustrated to put it mildly, our aim is to take away the mis-communication via native comms, to listen carefully and to act on your feedback and to become your trusted safe pair of hands to take care of the service needs for your home leaving you more time to put into other areas of your life.

Our @fabcreewsuperheroes are happy in their work (most of the time anyway, I hope! No one is always happy!). They are provided with a work environment and culture where they are supported and respected by our management. If a service issue occurs on a job we focus on putting it right and learning from it to become a better team. We listen to our team for their feedback on what they need to do the best job and anything we need to do to improve our operations.

We have a zero-tolerance policy towards any disrespectful behavior towards our team (most of our customers are super nice and great people anyway so this is not a massive issue for us – but it does cross a line sometimes unfortunately) and they know we are in their corner when it counts.

How can I find out my billing and visit information?

You can log into our customer portal using your registered email ID. There is also a chat function available in our system in addition to our other channels.

Click here to log into the customer portal.

How and when can I pay?

We will send you an invoice with a payment link for pre-payment prior to your job. You can make this payment online prior to the service.

The second option is to make payment at the start of the job via cash or card. Payment via online link is not available at the job. We request for pre-payment or payment to be completed at the time of our crews visit.

Your account will then be updated to note this payment has been made with a receipt being sent to you via email. If you have a billing query email [email protected]

We have packages available that allow for one invoice per month with as many visits as you need to simplify the billing process and to reduce the number of invoices you are sent via the system. Please email if you are interested in a monthly package [email protected]. There are also additional FOC services included for our monthly subscribers.

Thank you

To conclude this post, I would like to thank you for reading and our customers for working with us. I would also like to reassure you that myself and the @fabcrewsuperheroes team are working hard to continue to deliver the service that you need and to ensure that you are consistently provided with the value that you both deserve and expect.

In Dubai and there is a melting pot of different cultures and a wide variety of needs and expectations within each home. It is our pleasure to get to know you and to have the opportunity to understand your expectations so that we can meet your needs.