General home cleaning service

Home cleaning service specification, pricing and description.

Service description

This service is for the general cleaning that you complete on a regular basis to maintain the condition of your home. The service includes surfaces, floors, bathrooms, the outside of cabinets and appliances in all areas inside your home.

It may be booked as many times as you need in a week (minimum of three hours per booking) depending on the size of your home and your needs. Service may be booked as a one off booking or regular service (weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually).

For regular services it is possible to book the same cleaner for your service each week. Your job will be allocated into the crew members schedule on a re-occuring basis based on your package. At the end of your package you will be asked if you would like to renew to retain your booking time and crew member.

Packages are to be paid upon confirmation at the time of booking to complete your reservation.

Service details – specifications

  • Kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, study and living area, landing and entrance areas, small internal balcony.
  • Dusting, wiping, and cleaning all tops and surfaces.
  • Sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping all floors.
  • Washing dishes, and cleaning all surfaces in the kitchen.
  • Outside of appliances (fridge, oven, hob, microwave).
  • Cleaning all floors and fixtures in all bathrooms.
  • Internal windows for high traffic areas such as balcony doors.
  • Cleaning materials and equipment can be provided at an additional charge of 15AED per hour.

General cleaning rates

Standard per hour general cleaning rate AED35.

Monthly standard rates (One month regular cleaning)

2 hour visit *3 hour visit4 hour visit5 hour visit6 hour visit
4 cleans a week (once a week)8 hours
AED 280
12 hours
AED 420
16 hours
AED 560
20 hours
AED 1,400
24 hours
AED 840
8 cleans a month (twice a week)16 hours
AED 560
24 hours
AED 840
32 hours
AED 1,120
40 hours
AED 1,400
48 hours
AED 1,680
12 cleans a month (three times a week) 24 hours
AED 840
36 hours
AED 1,260
48 hours
AED 1,680
60 hours
AED 2,100
72 hours
AED 2,520

*only permitted for studio/one bed apartments

You can book packages for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months that include additional free services, and benefits. Become a regular customer and benefit from our packages now.

How many hours/cleaners do I need to book for my home?

Questions to ask yourself when booking:

  • How many rooms do I need to be cleaned?
  • How many bathrooms?
  • Do I need all of the spaces to be cleaned?
  • How much cleaning is needed of those spaces?
  • How many visits per week would I like?
  • Is my time frame for the cleaning fixed? (may like to consider two or more cleaners to complete the job in a shorter time)

If you are not sure then our customer support team can provide you with guidance based on similar jobs in your area and house type.

Is there any price variation based on where I live?

Yes, we do have some zone charges for communities that require extended travel to reach them. When you complete your book now request our customer support team will provide you with a quote.

Do you have the gate pass to my community?

We have gate pass access to most communities, sometimes the requirements vary and an NOC letter may be required to allow us access. Our customer support team will be in touch ahead of the job to request any documentation required.

Can you bring your own cleaning materials?

Yes, we can bring our own cleaning machines and supplies. The charge is AED15 per hour. Please select that option on your booking request. We can also use your cleaning equipment and materials for no additional charge.

Payment terms & booking confirmation

Once you fill out your book now request our customer support team will get in touch to confirm your booking details. You will then be added to our system as a client and a quote will be sent to you. The job will then be created and an invoice will be sent to your registered email address with a credit card payment link.

Once your payment is received your booking is fully confirmed.

For one off jobs payment may be made in cash at the time of the booking or via credit card on the machine at the job. The booking cancellation policy will apply from the time of your job creation in our booking system.

Customer support

Our customer support team will generally check in with you after your service, however if you have any questions or would like to provide us with your feedback please contact customer support on +971 (0)58 554 0988 (available to call or whats app see our website opening hours every day. We also respond out of hours however response time may be delayed).

We are not perfect (even though we try to be) and take all customer feedback seriously. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.